The project "Online design studio and Product personalization terminal" is underway


SIA 'TechGym' kicks off the project 'Online design studio and Product personalization terminal' (project No. NAGS1-IES-2021/23, contract No. NP-2022/68)The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of a new product - an Online design studio and Product personalization terminal, designed for on-demand printing of interior, decorative, and self-adhesive products.

Within the project framework, an online design workshop will be developed, enabling every online store owner to offer a range of personalized products with the option for clients to make their own designs. This platform will allow customers to easily and quickly make their own desired designs, providing them with a preview of the desired product's appearance.

The project is being carried out by SIA 'TechGym' in partnership with International Development Norway AS, Ltd.

The total project costs amount to 157,308.04 EUR, where the Norwegian Financial Mechanism co-financing is 110,115.62 EUR, and the self-financing is 47,192.42 EUR.

The project is being implemented under the small grant scheme under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 program "Business Development, Innovation, and SMEs" for the development of " Development of green industry innovation and ICT products."  with an expected completion date of April 30, 2024."

More information:
Sandra RoÅūkalne
Project manager
[email protected]